Just as moss generally grows on the North side of a tree, this Moss lives in a North-facing house on the North side of town, in the Northern part of Oregon, in the Great Pacific Northwest...

Hi!  My name is Laura.  I'm a would-be writer who began this blog as a way to hone my writing skills and see if, in fact, I have the chops to someday fulfill my dream of being a 'real' writer.  I aspire to actually be published someday, both in books and in magazines.  I've found this blog to be a wonderful opportunity to find my 'Author's Voice' and have very much enjoyed discovering the process of writing and unwrapping a style of writing I never knew existed until I had an audience.

I love how blogging gives me a chance to speak my mind, purge my thoughts, and give me a creative outlet. I've also loved being able to develop new connections and friendships through the community of bloggers.

I am privileged to be married to my eternal companion, who supports me financially and in so many other ways, so that I can fulfill my desire to be a full-time mom to our four wonderful kids.  I learn so much from my kids and from having the opportunity to parent them every day.  They are truly my greatest achievement.  I can only hope and pray that I don't ruin them while they are in my care...

I hope you'll keep coming back to my blog to follow my journey through writing and motherhood, as well as my current battle with emotional eating and my desire to get back into running shape so I can finish a half-marathon before the end of this year.  I also use this blog to write about things that interest me in arts and entertainment, as well as to share the occasional recipe, useful tip, spiritual thought, or humorous anecdote.

Thanks for stopping in On The North Side... hope to see you back here often!