Meet The Family

My husband and I have been happily married for just over 20 years and have 4 children.  He and I were both born in California but ended up moving with each of our families to Oregon where we met after High School.  He is the quintessential computer nerd, but I'm not complaining.  His vast knowledge of all things cyber is what bought me my house and pays the bills on it. He is lovingly referred to in the blog as Hubby, Hubs, Hubster, Hubbyness, and occasionally Hubbalicious.

Our oldest is 19 and a freshman in college.  She currently lives at home and is commuting from the suburbs to a nearby city to go to school.  She's decided the commute is too long and is planning to live on campus come fall.  She is quite studious and a voracious reader.  Her nickname will be 'Bookworm'.

Son #1, who is 15, is much like his father in the brains department.  He gets extremely good grades with very little effort.  He tends to have a "computer brain" like his father, as well, although he prefers playing video games to actually learning how to write them.  I refer to him as 'Genius'.

My just-turned-thirteen-year-old daughter is the epitome of teenagehood. She spends hours in front of the mirror, can't do anything or go anywhere unless she's accompanied by her music, and is sure that I exist only to make her life miserable. She dreams of being famous, although the thought of performing in front of actual people puts her in a state of panic. She plans to go to beauty school after high school and figures if she can't be a star, maybe she can grow up to be a stylist to the stars. She shall be TeenStar.

The youngest is just turning 10 and keeps us VERY busy.  He's into everything from baseball to piano to Cub Scouts.  He's almost always moving (except when he's asleep) and isn't happy if he doesn't have a friend available to play with, most preferably outside on a bike, scooter, or skateboard.  As fast as that boy can move, it's no match for how fast his mouth moves!  He's quite the talker and will talk your ear off if you give him the chance.  We call him 'Jabberjaw'.

We currently have 2 pets-- a cat and a dog, who don't get along and live on separate levels of our home.  We keep a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs, not for a baby, and not for the cat's safety, as one might think.  No, our dog, Puma, likes the cat perfectly fine, but our giant fat cat, Kirby, hates the dog and we have to keep them apart for fear Kirby will kill Puma.  I'm not kidding.  He's drawn blood before.