Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Day My 'Prince Will' Come!

I didn't watch the Royal Wedding live as some people did. I didn't even get to watch it until about three days later, in fact. Why did I bother to watch it at all, some may ask. Well... I'll tell you why.

I was traveling while the live nuptials were being broadcast, so I planned ahead and set up my DVR so I could catch up when I got home. I have to admit, it was nice to be able to speed through some of the slower, more boring parts, but all in all it was totally worth a couple hours of my time. And the reason for that is-- because I'm a girl.

I'm sure there are some guys out there who were interested in tuning in, for various reasons. Maybe you're a Brit or maybe your just fascinated with Brits and all things British. Maybe you served a mission in England or have been lucky enough to travel there for some other reason. Maybe you're obsessed with Royalty. Or maybe you're just obsessed with Kate (she IS beautiful!). Whatever the reason, most guys who even gave half a thought to spending a couple of hours of their precious time watching a wedding of someone they weren't related to, had some type of reason.

Most women and girls who watched did so for one reason and one reason only. Almost every little girl I know dreams of marrying a handsome prince and becoming a princess. It's every little girl's dream (well, at least MOST little girls). And Kate Middleton actually fulfilled that dream! She found the handsome prince, fell in love, married him, and became a real life princess! It's the stuff of fairy tales, but in this case, it's actually real life. We all wanted to watch so we could live vicariously through Princess Catherine, if only for a brief moment.  If we couldn't be the Princess, then we could pretend in our minds as we watched the wedding.

If you think I'm exaggerating, just imagine how much money Disney has made over the years selling Princess Stuff! We girls grow up playing dress up, twirling around in frilly dresses and begging our mom's to let us wear a little of her makeup.  Many of us, at one time or another, forced a brother (or even a sister) to play the part of the prince so we could act out our pretend wedding.  My sister-in-law even mentioned in her blog recently that she has had a secret crush on Prince William for years and fantasized about how she would meet and marry him someday.

And who wouldn't want to?  He's not only good-looking and charming but he is also a caring and compassionate person.  Kate really got quite the catch.  I'm sure Diana is looking down on her son and is very proud of the man he turned out to be.  Not only did he do his civic duty by serving in the military, he also learned from his mother to be giving and serving and has gone on many humanitarian trips to poverty stricken parts of the world.  I was blown away when I heard recently that he once slept under a bridge to find out what it's like for the homeless.  He made friends with people during his various travels, people that he and Kate ended up inviting to their wedding.

It's hard NOT to be pulled in by all of that.  No wonder Kate fell in love.  And all of us watching were reminded that sometimes fairy tales do actually come true...


Matt and Melissa said...

I really do love this post Laura and I've loved all your fun comments you make on my blog! Thank you for those comments. I totally agree with your post as you already know. That was fun to read thanks for writing it. We really need to have a girls night soon. Maybe a post Mother's day pampering day like getting a pedicure or just watching a girl movie! Love ya sis!

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